Special Issue: The Rhetoric of Multimodal Communication

Hartmut Stöckl and I recently edited a special issue of Visual Communication. The issue is fully devoted to studying the rhetoric of multimodal communication, and brings together an international group of experts, who turn to the analysis of political advertisements (Jens Kjeldsen & Aaron Hess), animated documentaries (Anniek Plomp & Charles Forceville), magazine covers (Assimakis Tseronis) and feature articles (Jana Pflaeging & Hartmut Stöckl).

Hartmut and I also collaborated on a visual essay (see my post), which develops and applies various design approaches to analyzing multimodal (print) artefacts. This idea is explored further in a contribution by Fabienne Kilchör and Jörg Lehmann.

Click here to read our editorial.

Click here to browse the full issue.


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