Logo_final_3Together with my colleague Peter Schildhauer, I founded the linguistic eJournal 10plus1: Living Linguistics. The first issue on Media Linguistics was published in September 2015 on the journal’s website.


10plus1 is a peer-reviewed academic e-journal offering a platform for innovative work-in-progress in the broader field of (English, German and Applied) linguistics. Each issue of 10plus1 addresses a particular area of linguistic research. Appearing annually, 10plus1 is meant to display a cross-section of the scholarly community – from professors to post-docs, doctoral students and (under)-graduate students working on excellent papers. Structurally, a 10plus1issue consists of an opening paper which is authored by a more established scholar within a given sub-discipline. It is meant to introduce readers to the topical focus of the issue and provides room for innovative thoughts and a subjective view on current trends in the field. Furthermore, each issue of 10plus1 will consist of 10 contributions of various kinds, ranging from journal articles and reviews to less conventional formats such as written dialogues between scholars, infographics, brainstormings, notes and others.


We hope to offer a platform which encourages researchers to publish their fresh and innovative ideas in the field of linguistics. In particular we would like to invite younger scholars to contribute to 10plus1. We regard this important since,

  1. for entering academic positions, the importance of publications is increasing, although young scholars have little chances to publish in established journals for a long time, and,
  2. with financial resources being cut, academia is currently turning into a professional field less attractive for potential new members.

We have also observed that established formats may slow down the creative process which is of vital importance for academic scholarship, particularly in the humanities. In order to provide a creative environment which allows for a fruitful exchange of academic ideas, 10plus1 introduces new genres of academic writing next to more traditional formats such as journal articles and reviews. Whereas journal articles may be (but are not limited to) reports on work-in-progress and invite feedback, genres such as written dialogue, is currently thinking about…, or brainstorming explicitly aim at providing unconventional ways of expressing new, sometimes provocative thoughts. It is one of the core objectives of 10plus1 to present academic content in such a way that it is sophisticated and aesthetically appealing as well as creative at the same time.

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