Academic Visualisations

 The Idea

Having a background in fine arts and graphic design, I am passionate about increasing the amount of visualisations and infographics in research papers and books in multimodality and linguistics. My specific focus is on visualising linguistic theories, but I have also worked on visualisations of methods and data. Please find some of my graphics in the image gallery below.

I am looking forward to future collaborations with authors and editors who seek to include elaborate visualisations in their publications. Do not hesitate to get in touch!

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  1. Dear Jana Pflaeging

    As the director of the doctoral programme for students in language and communication at the University of Southern Denmark, I’m writing to ask if you might be available some time this fall to teach a master class /workshop in visualizing data to Ph.D. students. One of our students has heard you speak and suggested that I contact you, and I agree that your work would be very helpful to Ph.D. students, not only in their dissertations, but also in articles and presentations. I’m thinking a one-day course would be the framework, but we could certainly adjust this.

    Would this be of interest to you? If so, a good time would be around mid- November, but we can discuss other possible dates, as well as details of the course. I think a workshop or hand-on element would be quite useful to our students, if you think this is posslbe. We would be able to cover your travel expenses and your stay here in Denmark, as well an honorarium for your teaching.

    I hope this sounds appealing, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you, and all the best,


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