In September this year, my dear colleagues Hartmut Stöckl, Janina Wildfeuer and I hosted a two-day conference with the aim of ‘Putting Multimodality to Use’.

One of the main observations that promted our collaboration was that “multimodality research has recently spawned robust theoretical-methodological frameworks which are now well-placed to uncover the complexities of authentic multimodal texts, to identify real-world problems, and offer practical solutions. Aiming for a solid empirical grounding, the showcased studies are corpus-based. They illustrate current multimodal approaches and raise future challenges in applied research.” (Call for Papers, 2020)

We managed to spark much interest within the multimodality community and could look forward to an exciting line-up of talks and presenters, including keynote presentations by John A. Bateman and Kay O’Halloran.

I am grateful to Janina and Hartmut – and all other participants – for making this event an absolute delight!


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