A “verəi good peːce ə’ wɐrk”.

10 February 2021 | 5 pm
A dramatic reading of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in OP at the University of Salzburg, Austria.

After studying Old English, Middle English and Early Modern English, my BA-class ‘English Through the Ages: Spotlight on Systems and Usage’ concluded with a 60-minute dramatic reading of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (based on an abridged version of the play by Cass Foster).

A video-conferencing platform served as a somewhat unusual stage. Despite the pandemic-induced challenges, getting the chance to apply our knowledge and make a 400-year old play come to life has been a great motivation to students and lecturer alike.

I was really excited and I enjoyed myself very much. When I prepared myself I felt like a first grader in elementary school by doing 20 minutes of reading practice almost every day. Actually I thought that I would be extremely nervous during the dramatic reading, but then it was so much fun that I forgot about being nervous.
(Renate, BA student)

Thank you so much for teaching us this unusual skill, I loved every second of it and unfortunately WebEx decided to die on me, else I would have loved to be in the picture.
(Irina, BA student)

The transcripts, recordings and publications provided by David Crystal and Paul Maier proved invaluable to realising our project. Feel free to visit David’s website on Original Pronunciation for further information.


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