To appear soon: Multimodality – Towards a New Discipline

9783110607987_Cover_Wildfeuer_E2.inddAfter months of editing, we sent off the manuscript to the publishers last week for a final round of review.

Very happy about this collaboration with Janina Wildfeuer, John Bateman, Chiao-I Tseng, and Ognyan Seizov, and, of course, about how the book has turned out so far.

Multimodality’s popularity as a semiotic approach has not resulted in a common voice yet. Its conceptual anchoring as well as its empirical applications often remain localized and disparate, and ideas of a theory of multimodality are heterogeneous and uncoordinated. For the field to move ahead, it must achieve amore mature status of reflection, mutual support, and interaction with regard to both past and future directions. The red thread across the disciplines reflected in this book is a common goal of capturing the mechanisms of synergetic knowledge construction and transmission using diverse forms of expressions, i.e., multimodality. The collection of chapters brought together in the book reflects both a diversity of disciplines and common interests and challenges, thereby establishing an excellent roadmap for the future. The contributions revisit and redefine theoretical concepts or empirical analyses, which are crucial to the study of multimodality from various perspectives, with a view towards evolving issues of multimodal analysis. With this, the book aims at repositioning the field as a well-grounded scientific discipline with significant implications for future communication research in many fields of study.

I had the chance to contribute some sections (and two graphics) to the introductory chapter of the book, and am especially grateful for Janina and John’s guidance and advice during the writing process.

Also, as mentioned in a previous post, I created five graphics for Hartmut Stöckl’s chapter, and got to design the book cover (with slight alternations from de Gruyter to make it fit their corporate design).


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