What is good teaching?


Recently, I had the chance to organize a workshop entitled Vielfältige Zugänge zur Lehrveranstaltungskonzeption [translates loosely into: Various Approaches to Designing Courses for Teaching and Learning at University Level] as part of Salzburg University’s Tag der Lehre 2018. Apart from presenting on an undergraduate course on Language Change that I taught in summer 2016, I screened my first film. It documents interviews I conducted with five colleagues at Salzburg University, each from one of our four Faculties or the School of Education, respectively. The interviews addressed questions such as What is good teaching? What or Who has influenced your own style of teaching? or Over the course of your teaching career, what have you learned for yourself that you wouldn’t find written down in a textbook?

I immensely enjoyed talking to colleagues from all sorts of academic backgrounds, learning from the conversations and editing a film that might inspire others as well. Looking forward to sharing it here, soon.


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